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WTKF Gear Available


We are currently offering long and short sleeved kwoon shirts as well as tank tops, hoodies, and Taiji gear.

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What is Whirling Tiger?

​What is Kung Fu?

Kung fu is considered the "mother" of the asian martial arts.  Within it you can find the birthplace of systems such as Karate, Jiujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai.  In other words, the techniques are not only graceful and powerful, but diverse.  The most characteristic elements of the Chinese martial arts are their emphasis on circularity and adaptability.  This allows practitioners the ability to neutralize single, multiple, and armed assailants. In addition to the physical defense strategies, our kwoon (kung fu school) focuses on teaching mental development by exploring the psychology of combat and Qi kung techniques for strengthening and health.



Kung fu is great for any age! At the Shuian Feng Hu Kwoon we offer a variety of classes to suit your tastes and schedule.  If you're eager to explore your potential we encourage you to come by and try a class!

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