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Our Teachers

The instructors of the Shuian feng hu kwoon are  dedicated to the growth and cultivation of each member.  Through years of experience and insight, they each strive to share their knowledge and further the proliferation of the Chinese martial arts.

Sifu Des Jackson


Sifu Des is the senior instructor and founder of the Shuian Feng Hu Kwoon (Whirling Tiger Kung Fu Studio). 

He began his martial journey in the late seventies with Judo.  He was later introduced to Taijitsu, Aikido, and Isshin Ryu Karate but ultimately found his passion in the Chinese martial arts.  Sifu has trained diligently in the Shaolin arts and Choy lee fut for more than three decades.  He has also trained in Taiji Chu'an for the past 25 years.  He is adept in advanced ditang, qina, weapons, and combat tactics.


Sifu has been teaching the martial arts for more than 30 years.

Simu Kauthar


Simu Kauthar is the assistant instructor of the Shuian Feng Hu Kwoon.


She began her martial journey with the system of Aikido.  In meeting Sifu Des she not only found a husband, but a newfound love for the Chinese martial arts.  Simu has trained in kung fu for the past 26 years and is as knowlegeable as she is articulate.  Together with Sifu, they create a dynamic and nurturing environment for our kung fu family.


Simu has been teaching the martial arts for the past 20 years.

Sihing Kieran


Sihing Kieran, also known as Brother Fox, is one of the kwoon's most dedicated practitioners.  Not only does he excel in technical understanding, but he has the ability to convey that information with ease.


Fox began his journey with Sifu more than 15 years ago and has since become one of his highest ranking students.  He has studied both internal and external arts with Sifu and can often be seen leading the Taiji class.



Sihing Devon 

Sihing Devon, also known as Brother Ice, is one of our kwoon's strongest fighters.  He's known for his calculating strategies and devotion to precision. 


Brother Ice began his training with Sifu in the early 2000's and has trained for more than a decade under his tutelage.  His focused studies of the external systems and have propelled him to one of the highest ranks in the kwoon.

Sihing Simon

Sihing Simon, also known as Brother Dragon, is one of our most technically adept practitioners.  His speed in combination with his diverse arsenal make him a formidable opponent.


Brother Dragon joined the Shuian Feng hu kwoon around 12 years ago.  In the time since, he has acquired a wealth of techniques and the wisdom to wield them.  Brother Dragon's teaching style is insightful yet direct.

Sihing David

Sihing David, also known as Brother River, is known for his analytic nature.  This nature has driven him to discover elements and nuances that other practitioners tend to overlook. 


Brother River, began his training with Wing Chun Kung fu and Kali.  He later discovered what he had been searching for in the Shuian Feng hu kwoon.


River has trained with Sifu for the past 10 years.

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