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External Kung fu Classes are offered:

Mondays through Thursdays   12pm - 7pm
Sessions start every hour

Internal Kung fu Classes are offered:
Mondays & Wednesdays


Children's Kung fu Classes are offered:
Tuesday & Thursday

4pm -5pm

Training Schedule

In order to provide the opportunity of exploring the Chinese martial arts to more individuals, the Whirling Tiger Kung fu Studio has adopted a broad schedule.

Sessions begin on the hour, however students are allowed to train beyond the duration of their classes.


​Shaolin /Choy lee fut

Shaolin Kung fu is one of the most famous schools of Chinese Martial arts.  It contains a myriad of weaponry as well as a vast array of mimicry techniques (including the animal styles and 8 drunken Immortals).  The Northern Shaolin training was typically known for its kicks and long arm techniques whereas the Southern styles were known for their stances and powerful punches.  Both systems eventually gave birth to styles such as Choy lee fut, Wing Chun, Hung Gar, Chang Chuan, Tang lung Chu'an, Fu Jow Pai, and a sea of others.

Choy lee fut kung fu synthesized the best elements of both Shaolin schools to create an effective combat method.  It teaches long, medium, and short-ranged techniqes to provide the practitioner with comfort in any situation.  It further covers skills such as Qin Na, Weapons, Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees, Sensitivity, and the Wooden Dummy. 

Taiji Chu'an

Taiji Chu'an, also known as Tai Chi, is one of the most widely practiced martial arts in the world.  Though usually practiced for health purposes, the system offers a comprehensive understanding of martial technique and application.

The foundational Taiji method is called Chen style Taiji. From it birthed Yang, Sun, Wu, and Gao, the most popular being Yang style.

Chen Taiji is characterized by its relaxed power and explosive applications.  Practitioners of this style seek to embody balance and harmony through the study of micro-processes that occur within us.  Training consists of Qi kung, applications, forms, weapons, push hands, Qi Na, and Taiji theory.  We believe that, in order to gain the benefits of the masters before us, we must do more than emulate their results, we must walk the path they have forged.

Taiji training has also been proven to aid in rehabilitation, proprioception, overall health, mental awareness, circulation, and flexibility.

Children's Classes

The Shuian Feng Hu kwoon provides training for all ages.  Our instructors work to provide a fun, nurturing, and challenging environment for each student.  Through a balanced curriculum our young practitioners gain confidence and a strong foundation in the Chinese martial arts.  Students learn  self defense, focus, coordination, strength, flexibility, sparring, and gymnastics.

When studied during their formative years, the skills acquired during martial arts training can positively impact every part of a child's life.  Benefits range from increased academic performance (as a result of focus, problem solving drills), increased health (cardio vascular as well as endurance), and increased communication skills (leadership exercises and following directions). 

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