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The Studio

Opened in June of 1995, the Whirling Tiger Kung fu Studio offers the best instruction in the Chinese martial arts available in North Central Florida.  Along with our long standing reputation of uncompromising training we provide a flexible schedule to fit most lifestyles.


The Shuian Feng Hu kwoon was founded originally by Sifu D.A.Jackson and Sifu Fei Xue.  Together, with knowledge covering both internal and external kung fu practices, they developed a training program that presented the information in a powerful and effective way.

The crux of the Shuian feng hu method is exemplified in the wude (martial code).  Each practitioner must learn and master the elements of Patience, Perserverence, Strength, Honor, Humility, Sincerity, Silence, Tolerance, and Perfection.  These tenants are taught throughout the training regimen with various exercises and combat preparation drills.  It is our belief that training the body without training the mind or spirit is a fruitless endeavor inevitably leading to defeat. Hence, through the three circles of cultivation (Li, Yi, Chi) each practitioner finds their martial path.

Through the styles of Shaolin, Choy lee fut, and Chen Taiji,  we offer a number of training options for each member.  Curriculum elements consist of training in weapons, self-defense, traditional forms, qi kung, and free sparring.

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