Adult Classes

External Kung fu (Shaolin Systems)

$80 per month

$200 per 3 months (Save 15%)
$380 per 6 months (Save 20%)
$650 per year (Save 30%)

Internal Kung fu (Taiji Chuan)

​$60 per month

​$150 per 3 months (Save 20%)

​$270 per 6 months (Save 25%)

​$500 per 12 months (Save 30%)



Kids Classes 

$50 per month

$130 per 3 months (Save 15%)
$240 per 6 months (Save 20%)
$450 per 12 months (Save 25%)

Private Sessions (Adults or Children)

$50 per hour/session

$100 for 4 sessions

T​erms & Conditions

All members entering agreement with the Whirling Tiger Kung fu Studio accept that martial arts instruction are a beneficial but potentially physically demanding endeavor. This being the case, we make every effort to explain the hazards and advantages of training.  Please consult a physician before engaging in any martial training. All membership fees are non-refundable. In the event that a membership must be put on hold or transferred to another person, please be sure to contact your instructor.

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